We guide you to the best clubs and nightlife in Montreal. We have created a bucket list that will take you on tour around the city. Make sure that you follow each tip to make the most of your vacation.


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Must Visit Places For Every Party Enthusiasts

If you are an extroverted party freak, we have a list of places that will accept your energy. Explore the streets of Montreal and find the best party spots to spend your time.

Stereo Nightclub
Stereo Nightclub

The Stereo nightclub is a fancy place for an affordable menu and good music.

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Mayfair Cocktail Bar
Mayfair Cocktail Bar

Try out a special variety of home-brewed beer and cocktails meant for an exotic time.

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Club Pelicano
Club Pelicano

The biggest parties in the city are happening here, every evening, throughout the night.

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Montreal Bars
Montreal Bars

Find the list of the best bars in Montreal and receive a warm welcome on our behalf from the bar staff.

Montreal Bars

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Amazing Areas Where You Can Stay For The Nightlife In Montreal

If we are talking about stuff in Montréal, beyond the bilingualism, the French colonial architecture and also all of the unique elements of the Québec culture, one really characteristic thing about Montréal is the very popular and infamous nightlife and party scene. In this article, I’m going to be talking about some really amazing areas where you can actually stay for the beautiful nightlife, especially if you are on vacation in Montréal. There is a French feel in this place, as you know, and the architecture is just spectacular. Apart from all of these, you will find some really good places where you can have a lot of fun, and a lot of places are affordable as well.


  1. The very first place that I would like to mention is very popular. It is the downtown area of Montréal. It is centrally located and is always a really good idea, especially when it comes to exploring the entire nightlife scene in this beautiful city. The downtown area is a place that offers very easy access to all of the districts, and in addition to the very lively options of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and rooftop bars that can be found along the main stretch, you also have so many options, especially when it comes to festivals. If you are somebody who is on the lookout to be at the heart of all of the action, the downtown part of Montréal should certainly be the first choice.
  2. The second part that I would like to mention is very beautiful. If you are going to be in the downtown Park, it is obviously going to be hard to miss Rue Crescent. It is a place that is so alive with a really Young crowds who are on the streets, looking for a lot of clubs which they will certainly find, because there are many. This particular stretch is definitely suitable for people who are in their 20s and also undergraduate students who are looking to take advantage of the 18+ drinking age. You will actually find a lot of pubs, bars and even strip joints in this place.
  3. Old Montréal is also a really nice place, if we are talking about the historic district. It is a really popular tourist destination, and it has structures that date back to the 17th century. You’ll find really good and elegant lounges, bars and some upscale dining locations. You will certainly enjoy the touch of sophistication that comes along with this particular place.
  4. The Village is the next place that I wanted to mention. It happens to be very popular among visitors and people of the LGBT community.

Great Casinos In Montreal, QC

Montréal happens to be one of the most happening places in the entire country of Canada. Québec is really lucky to have Montréal for a lot of reasons. Montréal is the place for nightlife, because there are a lot of universities and colleges and there are a lot of students who absolutely love to spend their time in pubs, restaurants, bars and more. Not to mention, I am also going to be talking about casinos. There are a lot of casinos in Montréal. I’m going to be mentioning a couple of them so that you can choose the best one you want to go to.

Casino De Montréal

  1. The very first one is called Casino De Montréal. It is a pretty straightforward casino that has some of the best-known games that a casino can offer. Well, we can say a lot of things about casinos. One of the best things that I can talk about, especially when it comes to casinos in Montréal, is that the age limit for entrance is 18 years. It is not 21 years like it is in the United States of America. That is why, people go to Montréal so that they can have a wonderful time in the casinos here, even though they are not 21 years. I do believe that the university going students actually have a fantastic time here, because of the 18+ age limit. I would have you know that it is also legal for people who are 18 years old to gamble and drink as well. People have said that this particular casino is a very fun and is one of the best ones in the entire city of Montréal.
  2. The next one is called Playground. This place is absolutely bustling and hustling with a lot of people who really love partying and gambling. This place also has a lot of casino games, and it even has the option to offer some performing arts. This casino also has some music venues which means, you will have the option of attending some concerts here. A lot of people have said that this place has one of the best poker rooms in the entire city.
  3. Magic Palace.

Casino Bluff

  1. Casino Bluff
  2. Billiard Fats is just another dive bar in downtown Montréal and drinks are pretty cheap here. They even have slot machines and really good pool tables. It is certainly not the best one in Montréal, but it is a place that you can certainly visit once or twice. If you are right in front of it, you can just walk in and expect to have a decent time. But, I suggest you be careful of your surroundings and, if you are gambling, be very vigilant.



Some Frequently Asked Questions About The Nightlife In The Beautiful City Of Montréal

In this article, I am going to be answering a lot of questions about Montréal and the nightlife in this beautiful city. These questions and answers are going to be pretty straightforward. They are going to be answered to the point. They aren’t going to be twisted and turned like other sources.


  1. Does Montréal actually have a very active nightlife?

Ans. The answer is yes. Montréal happens to have an extraordinarily active nightlife which a lot of people absolutely love doing. There are a lot of clubbing venues open and some amazing concert as well. You can choose for a drink or two with some really good bars which are located in a place which is so accessible to you. The nightlife is just beautiful.

  1. Should we actually take any specific precautions for spending a night in this beautiful place?

Ans. You should make sure that you are always attentive to your belongings. If you are planning on drinking, I would suggest that you don’t take any expensive belongings along with you. Partying and also being very lively is different from indulging in drugs or anything similar to it. If you are planning to drink a lot of alcohol, make sure that you don’t have any expensive products along with you. Being responsible is obviously important for your personal safety and also for the safety of your belongings.

  1. Which are the best nightclubs that I can go to when I am in Montréal?

Ans. There or actually so many good nightclubs in this beautiful setting. They all will provide you with a lot of joy, happiness and fun. Some of the best nightclubs in Montréal are actually Club Pelicano, Complexe Sky Montreal, Stereo Night Club, Club Unity and also, Muqizue Night club and these are just the really popular ones. If you are attempting to go to any of these, make sure that you carry a lot of money with you. If you don’t want to carry cash, make sure that you have a credit card or debit card which can pay for an expensive night out. You will definitely be spending a pretty penny, if you want to go to these places. I’m not saying you’re going to be spending thousands of dollars, but you need to make sure that you have a couple of hundred in the bank account, at least. That would be because, a lot of these places charge a little more money, especially when it comes to drinks.

  1. A lot of people are actually concerned about the safety of nightlife in Montréal; is it safe and sound?

Ans. As far as I know, if you are somebody who is attentive, cautious and vigilant, the nightlife can actually be very beautiful in Montréal, and it will not harm you.

Montreal Casino

General Info About Montréal Casino

This wonderful casino happens to be the biggest in the entire city of Montréal. It is also the largest in the entire country of Canada. This particular casino happens to be open all of 24 hours in a day. It allows people who are above 18 years to enter and Gamble. It was opened in the year 1993 in October. In this guide, I am going to be giving out some general information about this beautiful casino.


  • This casino can actually be accessed by the Metro system. It also can be accessed with the help of a shuttle after 12:40 PM.
  • The visitors can actually start by taking the Metro from their location to the primary transfer point, and then, they can transfer to the yellow line. There is even a shuttle bus to the casino, which will drop them just in front of the station. The visitors can make use of their metro ticket to actually transferred to the bus. From the Metro station, visitors can walk for around 20 minutes to the casino, which is located on Notre Dame island but, there is a pedestrian bridge that will link them to it.
  • The parking at the casino is actually free, and the valet will help the people.
  • In the year 2013, it underwent a lot of renovations and upgrades. The installations feature a digital wall that actually expands over three floors.
  • In the year 2014, in December, the Montréal casino opened the upgrades area called the zone. It offers a group game experience, and it also teaches the basics of all of the table games like blackjack, crabs, roulette and more.
  • If we are talking about the games that this particular casino offers, you can look at blackjack, roulette, poker, war, casino war, Texas hold em poker, ultimate Texas hold em and more.
  • This particular casino also happens to be home to so many slot machines. You will definitely have a great time here if you are a person who likes slot machines.
  • If we are talking about restaurants, there are three high-end cuisine restaurants and, there is a buffet available as well. If you really want to get some fast food, you even have a fast food option over here.
  • If we are looking at bars, there are three bars available, and all of them have really good drinks and affordable food.
  • The casino actually holds all kinds of events and, it shows these events throughout the year. They have band performances, dances, comedy shows, concerts and more. But, this all was hindered because of the COVID-19 pandemic because of this particular pandemic; all of it has been stopped for the time being, but will resume very soon.
Montreal Casino

Some Info About The Montreal Casino

In this article, I am going to be discussing all about the Montréal Casino. In French, it is called Casino de Montréal. It happens to be a casino on the Notre Dame Island, and it is located in the borough of Ville-Marie in Montréal, Québec in Canada. It also happens to be the largest casino in the entire country of Canada. This particular casino is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week to any patrons who are 18 years and older. It first opened in the year 1993 on October 9.

Can you believe that it is a 24-hour casino?

This also means that it has people working round the clock.

This casino is located on 1, avenue du Casino Montreal, Quebec, H3C 4W7.

Montréal Casino

In the year 1992, the government of Québec actually created the SCQ and basically tasked them to build one of the biggest casinos in the entire province. The Montréal casino was actually the first among the 2 to be founded for this particular project which costed them $95 million to build. The casino replaced certain cultural exhibitions. The casino also received thousands of players within the first few weeks of the opening and more than 800,000 people in the first year itself. It went through some major expansion in 1993 and also the second expansion in the year 2013. The casino employed more than 700 people during the opening year, and as of 2019, the casino has employed more than 2800 people.

The casino is one that consists of more than three interconnected buildings. Two of these happened to be the France Pavilion and the Québec Pavilion, which were built for the Expo 67. The third is an annexe building which was built by the casino near the southeast side of the main building. You should also know that an enclosed bridge basically joins the Annex to the former Québec Pavilion. The main building is very popular for having six floors, in addition to the Annex and the secondary building. The casino also boasts a gigantic gaming floor that is over 526,000 ft.²; within three structures, there are more than 3200 slot machines and hundreds of gaming tables. The casino is also very popular for four restaurants and three bars. These restaurants and bars are very popular for providing some of the most amazing meals and drinks in the entire city.

You should also know that the casino is very well known for certain unconventional structural features for being such an establishment. It has a lot of windows and low ceilings as well. The casino does not allow smoking, and it has not allowed smoking ever since July of the year 2003.

Montréal Casino

Some Info About The Nightlife In The Beautiful City Of Montreal

Montréal happens to be one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited. It is very well known for having a really amazing nightlife, and it is very active as well. If you happen to ask a local what to do in the night, they will obviously point you to words some of the most popular clubs and nightclubs in Montréal.


It is an option to opt for a drink or two with some of the most amazing bars, which are located where people can actually enjoyed a really good nightlife that the city has been offering to millions of people for so many years. A lot of people who actually visit the city, go there for the nightlife and for everything else that it offers. Personally speaking, I was indeed a huge fan of everything it offered.

Make sure that you take some safety precautions, especially when you are spending a night outside in Montréal. You need to be extremely attentive of all of your belongings. You should not be nonchalant of things that are valuable to you. I am talking about jewellery and other things that can be taken off of you, without you knowing.

You do not want to be a victim of a jewellery theft now, do you?

I am definitely not saying that this is something that will obviously happen to you, but you should always be aware of your belongings. Especially if there is absolutely no reason for you to add those expensive jewellery items, you should not do so, because it is going to be in the night and it is obviously going to be dark. You will probably be intoxicated, and you may not be able to keep track of all of your belongings properly.

I am sure you are bundling of all the clubs that accept a stag entry, and yes, almost every single club will accept both types of entry, whether you are entering alone or as a couple. Some may restrict a single entry, but you can always get in, by paying for it. There are a lot of specific bars, restaurants and nightclubs that you should visit, especially for a live show. A really good place that comes to mind is called Club Pelicano. It happens to be an amazing place that hosts a lot of live shows and some very specific local bands. They happened to be a very attractive and rocking place. The music show will certainly provide you with an amazingly joyful nightlife experience.

rocking place

It would help if you also knew that the nightlife is quite safe and sound, depending on what kind of spots you’re choosing. The local police are also very vigilant and will help you if needed.


Some More Places That Are Really Good If You Are Looking For Nightlife In Montreal

Montréal is obviously one of the most beautiful places in the entire country of Canada. Canada has been boasting Montréal for a long time. Montréal happens to be a part of Québec and a lot of people I love going to work, because of the fantastic nightlife that it boasts. In this article, I am going to be talking about a lot of places that are really good, if you are looking for really happening nightlife in Montréal.


  1. The very first place that I would like to mention is called The Plateau. It is a really popular neighbourhood that you can stay in, especially when you are visiting Montréal. It is filled with bars, pubs and other locations that will certainly give you a lot of fun. It is known for its variety of hostels and Airbnb listings. The bars include very sophisticated wine bars, clubs and pubs as well. You should certainly visit this place and stay here, because it is within walking distance from everything you would need.
  2. The second place is The Village. This place is also known as Montréal, is a gay village and it is very colourful and has a very vacation neighbourhood which offers fun that is guaranteed. It is very popular among the visitors and also among the LGBT community. There is a huge variety of clubs, bars, dance joints, strip joints, restaurants, and it has become a part of the city that is located just east of the downtown area. It is really close and can be construed as a very happening place. It is really safe as well. It also happens to be a very convenient place where you can wander through all hours of the night and day. There are people around all the time, and you will not feel unsafe.
  3. Monkland Village is the next place that I would like to mention. Even as clubbing isn’t your scene or preferred nightlife experience, there are a lot of neighbourhoods where you can enjoy a late-night drink with a couple of friends, but it is actually pretty quiet. One of these areas is Monkland Village. It happens to be a bustling strip in the westerly neighbourhood of NDG, aka Notre Dame De Grace. You will certainly find a huge variety of pubs, lounges, bars and many places that are open really late, often even until 3 AM in the night.
  4. The next place is a really popular one. It is called Little Italy. It is a place where you find a lot of microbreweries, and you will find some really good food. You find some of the best Italian places in this area.
Nightclubs And Bars

Some Really Nightclubs And Bars In Montreal

In this article, I’m going to be talking about some of the best nightclubs and bars in the wonderful city of Montréal. If you are somebody who is visiting Canada and if you want to explore the nightlife, you have certainly come to the right decision, because the nightlife is very beautiful, especially in Montréal. It can get a little cold here and there, so grab your waistcoat and another long coat.

Nightclubs And Bars

    1. The very first place that I would like to talk about is called Club Unity. It happens to be one of the best places where you can experience the entire essence of the nightclub in this wonderful city. It will provide you with a wonderfully friendly environment, and if you are the kind of person who is not into dancing and if you enjoyed the amazing views from the roof terrace, this is the place for you. There is a roof terrace that you can use, to sit and have a meal or two. You can also dance the night away and cool down in the same place. There is a dance floor that you can choose, if you want. This amazing place also features a VIP lounge that will only entertain VIPs.
    2. The second place that I’m going to talk about is called Newspeak. For anybody who is on the lookout for electronic music in an environment that is much like a nightclub, this is definitely the place for you. You will find whatever drink you want at a very cheap price and, you will find a decent food as well. If you are somebody who is tired of dancing, you can go ahead and relax in a room where the music is not that loud. This happens to be one of the best clubs for club hoppers who want to explore many places in one night.
    3. Complexe Sky Montreal is next up on this list. It is a multi-space complex with a rooftop terrace that boasts the amazing skyline of Montréal. It even has a spa and a pool. The ground floor is the place where you will find the bar that is actually open every single day of the week, while the upper floors have a lot of dance floors. The sky club or the rooftop terrace is where people go to enjoy themselves and have some fun. This place is open from 12 PM in the afternoon to 3 AM in the night.

To answer the very famous question, yes, Montréal does have a very active nightlife which includes a lot of clubbing and amazing concerts. A lot of these have been clubbed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they will make its way back very soon.

Spectacular Locations

Some Spectacular Locations In Montréal That You Should Definitely Visit

In this article, I am going to be discussing all of the amazing nightlife that you will be happy to see, especially when you are in Montréal. The people of Montréal are actually known to be party people, and there are a lot of clubs as well. There are so many amazing venues and styles that you can pick from, especially when you are in this place that supports the vibrant nightlife. You will be able to find some very famous DJs from around the world and, you will also have access to a lot of nightclubs. The Jazz festival has a lot of attractions, especially in this city. In fact, jazz happens to be one of the favourite things for the locals in this place.


    1. Now, I’m going to be discussing about the stereo nightclub. This place in Montréal happens to be an ideal place for those who are looking to have an amazing party. It was established in the year 1998, and it is located in the heart of the city. The music here is incredibly unique, and they know how to throw a really good party. The visual presentations and the lighting will definitely give you all the feels. You will be able to dance your heart out at one of the best nightclubs in the entire area of Montréal. This place is not open for the public during the day. It opens at 2 AM in the night and closes at 10 AM. It is closed from Sunday morning to Thursday. It means that it is open and operates only in the weekend.
    2. Mayfair happens to be a cocktail bar in Montréal, and you should definitely visit here. You should go ahead and try some really amazing drinks and enjoy the good music. As soon as this place opens up, there is a huge line of people who are always waiting to get inside. This place is a lot smaller than the other conventional light club that I’ve been talking about. For the best kind of experience in the night, and if you want to experience the nightlife of the city, you should certainly go here.

  1. Club Pelocano happens to be a very peculiar bar in the heart of the downtown part of Montréal. It is a really good place where you can enjoy yourself. The quality of the drinks that you get here and its decor will certainly charm you. The good music will certainly want to thank the DJ. It is truly a place that will make it very special for you. The weekends are the best time for dancing here, so make sure that your dancing shoes are ready for all of the fun. It is open from 5 PM to 3 AM.

The Ultimate Trove Of Info For Nightlife In Montreal

I am going to start by saying that there is some good news, especially when it comes to the nightlife in Montréal. The nightlife is obviously all about the casinos, restaurants, pubs and bars. Well, the good news is that you need to be only 18 years old to enter into any of these places and have fun. It is also amazing that you need to only be 18 years to enter a casino in Montréal. It is not 21 years, like every other place in the world, especially the United States of America. I am telling you, American teenagers will go crazy, if the US makes it legal for 18-year-olds to consume alcohol consumption and also if they are allowed in casinos.

You will be able to discover some swanky cocktail bars, really famous clubs, very sexy nightclubs that will certainly give you amazing vibes.


A lot of people agree that Montréal happens to be the best city and also happens to be the party capital of Canada. There are no other places in Canada that can match up to Montréal, especially when it comes to nightlife and places to party. The quality of bars, performance venues and clubs in this place happened to be really good, and it happens to be spectacular as well. It is legal for people who are above 18 years, to drink in these places. Some of the best bars are actually really worth the amazing DJ programmes, and these clubs do a fantastic job at making you feel really glad that you are alive and that you are in these places. Whether you are somebody who is looking for mainstream clubbing or even live music or, you could even be looking for some underground hideaways, you are in the right place, especially when you are in Montréal. There is something for everybody here.

There are so many universities in Québec’s largest city, and the legal drinking age is 18 years so, the nightlife is obviously always pulsing, and even in the depths of winter, you will find people out and about, wrapped up in jackets. There are so many good dance floors that you should visit.

  1. The first one is called Stereo Nightclub. I feel that this one is very widely known and it has really good DJs as well. Since the year 1998, it has appealed to the thriving, very late crowd who love to be out and about, even late at night. Plus, it is not a place that is going to train your wallet or your bank account.
  2. The second place is called Le Belmont. This place is a bar and a music venue. You will have access to rock, soul, jazz and hip-hop music.