Amazing Areas Where You Can Stay For The Nightlife In Montreal


If we are talking about stuff in Montréal, beyond the bilingualism, the French colonial architecture and also all of the unique elements of the Québec culture, one really characteristic thing about Montréal is the very popular and infamous nightlife and party scene. In this article, I’m going to be talking about some really amazing areas where you can actually stay for the beautiful nightlife, especially if you are on vacation in Montréal. There is a French feel in this place, as you know, and the architecture is just spectacular. Apart from all of these, you will find some really good places where you can have a lot of fun, and a lot of places are affordable as well.


  1. The very first place that I would like to mention is very popular. It is the downtown area of Montréal. It is centrally located and is always a really good idea, especially when it comes to exploring the entire nightlife scene in this beautiful city. The downtown area is a place that offers very easy access to all of the districts, and in addition to the very lively options of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and rooftop bars that can be found along the main stretch, you also have so many options, especially when it comes to festivals. If you are somebody who is on the lookout to be at the heart of all of the action, the downtown part of Montréal should certainly be the first choice.
  2. The second part that I would like to mention is very beautiful. If you are going to be in the downtown Park, it is obviously going to be hard to miss Rue Crescent. It is a place that is so alive with a really Young crowds who are on the streets, looking for a lot of clubs which they will certainly find, because there are many. This particular stretch is definitely suitable for people who are in their 20s and also undergraduate students who are looking to take advantage of the 18+ drinking age. You will actually find a lot of pubs, bars and even strip joints in this place.
  3. Old Montréal is also a really nice place, if we are talking about the historic district. It is a really popular tourist destination, and it has structures that date back to the 17th century. You’ll find really good and elegant lounges, bars and some upscale dining locations. You will certainly enjoy the touch of sophistication that comes along with this particular place.
  4. The Village is the next place that I wanted to mention. It happens to be very popular among visitors and people of the LGBT community.

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