Great Casinos In Montreal, QC


Montréal happens to be one of the most happening places in the entire country of Canada. Québec is really lucky to have Montréal for a lot of reasons. Montréal is the place for nightlife, because there are a lot of universities and colleges and there are a lot of students who absolutely love to spend their time in pubs, restaurants, bars and more. Not to mention, I am also going to be talking about casinos. There are a lot of casinos in Montréal. I’m going to be mentioning a couple of them so that you can choose the best one you want to go to.

Casino De Montréal

  1. The very first one is called Casino De Montréal. It is a pretty straightforward casino that has some of the best-known games that a casino can offer. Well, we can say a lot of things about casinos. One of the best things that I can talk about, especially when it comes to casinos in Montréal, is that the age limit for entrance is 18 years. It is not 21 years like it is in the United States of America. That is why, people go to Montréal so that they can have a wonderful time in the casinos here, even though they are not 21 years. I do believe that the university going students actually have a fantastic time here, because of the 18+ age limit. I would have you know that it is also legal for people who are 18 years old to gamble and drink as well. People have said that this particular casino is a very fun and is one of the best ones in the entire city of Montréal.
  2. The next one is called Playground. This place is absolutely bustling and hustling with a lot of people who really love partying and gambling. This place also has a lot of casino games, and it even has the option to offer some performing arts. This casino also has some music venues which means, you will have the option of attending some concerts here. A lot of people have said that this place has one of the best poker rooms in the entire city.
  3. Magic Palace.

Casino Bluff

  1. Casino Bluff
  2. Billiard Fats is just another dive bar in downtown Montréal and drinks are pretty cheap here. They even have slot machines and really good pool tables. It is certainly not the best one in Montréal, but it is a place that you can certainly visit once or twice. If you are right in front of it, you can just walk in and expect to have a decent time. But, I suggest you be careful of your surroundings and, if you are gambling, be very vigilant.


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